HDMI Out to TV (No Audio) - Nvidia 3060

Hey all,

I’ve noticed an NVIDIA machine I’m working on with a clean installation of EOS does not output any audio to the TV via HDMI when plugged in. I’ve spent days researching this, but are there any steps I can take to resolve this?

Hey @TheDarkWizard,
I used EndeavourOS_Endeavour-2024.06.25.iso to install
selected NVIDIA at boot then Plasma
during install both VGA and HDMI were connected
then switch off VGA at Display settings.
inxi -Fxxx shows
Device-2: NVIDIA GM107 High Definition Audio [GeForce 940MX]
With a Philips TV sound is OK.

The worst case ‘stupid’ scenario I used to apply: leaving pipewire for pulseaudio + pulsemixer
systemctl --user disable pipewire pipewire.socket
systemctl --user mask pipewire pipewire.socket
sudo pacman -Sy pulseaudio pulseaudio-bluetooth
systemctl --user start pulseaudio.service
systemctl --user start pulseaudio.socket
pulsemixer (F3 enter and select HDMI output+Analog input)

I used the ISO right before 2024.06.25

The graphics card and everything works fine. Gaming works fine, all the monitors work fine. It’s just the TV, theres no HDMI option in sound playback in volume settings.

The TV was not plugged in during that computer’s install. I’m not sure how that would make a difference.

That shouldn’t matter. Typically you should be able to plug in any HDMI display supporting audio, and you’d be able to select it and play sound to it.

With the TV plugged in and showing your computers output, can you share the output of:

inxi -Axx


aplay -l