Has someone checked nmail?

Hi, I’m looking for a ncurses mail program, that would more or less be the gmail interface but downloading all headers and caching mail, and with the same search features.
I tried neomut… MUH. simple to configure but less than practical. Alpine: gmail hard to configure, but bloated. too much options, defaults not sane. Sup: NONE of the three alternatives on AUR will compile. I wish for automatic html viewing with mutt or embedded graphical browser, if the terminal allows it, as with kitty.
Basically thunderbird in the terminal!
I can’t compile

d99kris/nmail: Terminal-based email client for Linux and macOS


mehdi@mehdi-80qr ~/n/b/b/build (master) [1]> cmake
CMake Error: Could not find CMAKE_ROOT !!!
CMake has most likely not been installed correctly.
Modules directory not found in

 cmake [options] <path-to-source>
 cmake [options] <path-to-existing-build>
 cmake [options] -S <path-to-source> -B <path-to-build>

Specify a source directory to (re-)generate a build system for it in the
current working directory.  Specify an existing build directory to
re-generate its build system.

Run 'cmake --help' for more information.

But I ignore who’s at fault. Someone can try ?

Eventually, here’s the typescript (script session): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ftkcXvZN_FaAPcIedhrwECnrYqc-1KEJ/view?usp=sharing
Similar results with the other two “contributors” on AUR.

I don’t know if this will help you out or not, but it may give you some options to consider and/or “rule out”:

Here is a similar (but not necessarily identical article; has some common recommendations and a few I’d not previously heard of; maybe it’ll be helpful; otherwise ignore it.

From “My Cousin Vinnie”: “For me, SIX times was a charm”.
Let’s try again; mostly the same stuff, but a couple more:

For what it’s worth, I used to use the Rand Mail Handler, “mh” and there were multiple alternatives based on mh, including mh-e in Emacs, exmh, a TCL/Tk inspired implementation of mh, nmh and a few others. If you don’t require the “UNIX mail format” then mh can be used; you can import mail from Yahoo and Gmail if you prefer or you can also use Web or “cloud-based” Email programs too. … and the list goes on…

Hi sentinel166 - I stumbled upon your post and tried building nmail on EndeavourOS, and I too encountered a build error. I have fixed it today in latest nmail master. I successfully used the following steps to compile:

git clone https://github.com/d99kris/nmail && cd nmail
sudo pacman -Syyu
sudo pacman -S gcc make libetpan xapian-core cmake ncurses openssl readline
sqlite file
mkdir -p build && cd build && cmake .. && make -s

Optional install step:

sudo make install

Then to set up nmail for GMail one can do:

nmail -s gmail
Email: j.doe@gmail.com
Name: John Doe
Save password (y/n): y

Note that GMail IMAP password authentication is not enabled by default, follow the steps here to enable.

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