Has Konsole dropped the support for ligature fonts, or do I need to enable it?

Until a week ago, ligature fonts have been correctly rendered in Konsole windows. Today, I noticed they are rendered as normal fonts, despite the font dialog windows is still able to render them correctly.

Have Konsole dropped the ligature fonts support, or do I need to enable it in some way?

I googled using kde konsole and ligature fonts, but I didn’t find any useful information. I just found a question asked by a user who didn’t want to use ligatures in Konsole, but he didn’t get any answer.
The FiraCode repository still reports Konsole supports them, but installing ttf-firacode-nerd and setting it as Konsole font doesn’t show ligatures.

Try installing ttf-fira-code instead of ttf-firacode-nerd. According to pacman’s package descriptions:

$ pacman -Ss ttf-fira-code
community/ttf-fira-code 6.2-2
    Monospaced font with programming ligatures

$ pacman -Ss ttf-firacode-nerd
community/ttf-firacode-nerd 2.2.2-2
    Patched font Fira (Fura) Code from nerd-fonts library

Now I could be wrong about this, but is it possible that the fonts in the ttf-firacode-nerd package doesn’t support ligatures? Only ttf-fira-code’s description said it has ligatures.

I also checked the ryanoasis’s nerd fonts github page.

The version number for the fonts seem to match with the ttf-fira-code package (version 6) but not the ttf-firacode-nerd package.

When I run pacman -Ss ttf-firacode, I only get the community/ttf-firacode-nerd package listed.

The problem isn’t with a specific ligature font, anyway, but also with all the ligature fonts I used and that worked until a week ago: Cascadia Code PL, PragmataPro Mono Liga, and Iosevka Term Extended.

Oops. I made a typo there. The package’s name is ttf-fira-code

That definitely sounds like the problem is with konsole. I am browsing through KDE forums, but haven’t found anything yet.

With the ttf-fira-code package, the ligatures aren’t shown in the terminal either. As with the ttf-firacode-nerd package, the dialog to select a font shows the ligatures as expected. I guess the problem isn’t with the fonts, but the terminal itself. Something has changed, but I cannot understand what changed.

The ligatures did show (for all the fonts) on other supported terminals, right?

I tried with Kitty. Ligature fonts are rendered as expected.

I guess it depends from the terminal emulation library used by Konsole. I tried to find out what Konsole uses, which isn’t libvte for sure, as that is used from MATE Terminal and GNOME Terminal and it doesn’t support ligature fonts.
Probably that is also the reason why there isn’t any information about that directly related to Konsole. It’s a change in the terminal library that is only reported for that library.

Are you planning to create a post on KDE forums?

I installed Fira Code and Konsole correctly shows ligatures as expected.
I do not know why other fonts stopped to work, but I can at least use Fira Code.

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