Has anyone tried Muffin in Xfce?

Yes, stupid question: I know some try-hards run Gala as WM in Xfce, but most that replace the window managers go Openbox or something tiling, most often i3.

I really like both Cinnamon and Xfce but the main selling point for me with Cinnamon is the much superior Compositor, which (like Mutter) basically work flawlessly out of the box with NVIDIA unlike Kwin (bad) and Xfwm (Not worthless and massively imprived since 4.12).

i think personal xfwm4 of the last updates has bit dificult with linux 5 series, , linux-lts no issue, in linux 5.4 i stil need to set xfwm4 to xpresent or off, cause of distortion but cannot compare because i use vega8 ,

muffin is a mutter fork , sure some update features get backported offcourse. but it can make it work with xfce , not like lxqt you can choose which wm, but stil you can set your xfce4-session to mutter. or just make a session you saved with muffin --replace , that should to…if you got sick of tired of it just remove the saved session. must say on productivity cinnamon works i only like features you can choose running windows with the keys. cinnamon does that dont niet alt-tab but just super-2 or something o pick the second window. cinnamon does that lxqt , i think some others does that too but xfce not.

just do muffin --replace , if that works. Save that session, you can also make multiple session you can logintoo. one with xfwm4 and one with muffin

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Kwin is not so bad personally, only you have to pick which opengl you want to use. but as depency , its a hell… :slight_smile:

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This is why i like Cinnamon also. I watch for sometime and always updates cause problems in KDE and Gnome and others but Cinammon it stays pretty stable with no issues. Xfce is good also except the issues with Radeon but for me it is okay if i set vblank present or off. But Muffin on Xfce would be interesting.