Has anyone installed Linux on their phone?

Which distro? What has your experience been like? Was the installation easy?

I don’t like android much so I’m thinking of trying Linux, but I don’t really want to brick my phone because I only have one at the moment. I’ll buy a new one soon so I’ll probably experiment on the old one, then wipe the new one and put Linux on it if I find a mobile distro I like

I installed alpine Linux on my Oneplus 5 running LineageOS using termux but didn’t do anything with it. The screen was too small :rofl:

Check out proot

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You probably want to start with something like https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/Devices


Does Termux count? :rofl:

…and yes, the screen is too small.

It’d be great if a solution like this or graphene existed for things other than pixel phones.

I get the not wanting to have unlocked bootloaders but that just leaves LOS for most users which doesn’t do too much for security and privacy beyond AOSP.

CalyxOS has recently been working to extend their support for some more devices other than Pixels: https://calyxos.org/docs/guide/device-support/

I have already acquired a OnePlus 8t ready for release.

Yeah but their requirements leave a narrow # of devices that still won’t do much for the majority.

Its unfortunate that you have to go with a devices you don’t want or give up on decent privacy and security features in your OS. Sure you become vulnerable to certain evil maid type attacks with unlocked bootloaders but that doesn’t make it a pointless endeavor.

I wish any of those devices fit my battery life requirements. I at times need days between charge and O+ or Pixel don’t cut it :slightly_frowning_face:

What device are using and what system, if you don’t mind sharing?

FWIW - without all the Google spyware on my pixel 4xl I easily get 2 full days out of a charge. I manage a good size crew and spend a lot of time on my phone each day.

I can go to bed at 100% charge and wake up 8+ hours later at 94%+ over night not using it.

Motorola is the only company making phones that can legit get 4+ days battery. My moto G power can go upwards of a week between charging or 3-4 days on the low end with my usage.

Edit: I recently had a situation as happens for me that I had no power for days, and being confident my phone would make it was needed.

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That’s a pretty rare scenario. I really just want them to add the OnePlus phones. They are by miles my favorite.

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For me not as much :sweat_smile:, leaves my options limited. I suppose at least LOS support is decent.

You should get one if those big charging battery things and you’ll be all set.

Come on, folks. You all love your shiny new iPhones and Androids way too much!

…and way too readily overlook the fingerprint-files and facial scans, next to all your communication data being recorded, because you think you’ve got nothing to hide.


Otherwise, more people would opt in for a LineageOS, or something not invented yet. Also, see here in German.
(FYI, DeepL delivers great translations.)


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I run LineageOS btw

This should be the new arch btw meme

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Would you share your device type and experience?

One Plus 5.
I’ve been using since late December. My phone stopped getting updated since Dec 2020 and the last update was a buggy upgrade to Android 11. So I was frustrated and was about to throw my phone.
Discovering LineageOS saved my phone for sure.
The install process is pretty easy and smooth if you know how to use the terminal.

Just make sure to read all the instructions twice before attempting to do anything. Take notes if possible

Most issues I see on xda forum is people skipping a command and borking their phone.

The new OS I got my phone and experience was night and day compared to my previous buggy Android.
And you get weekly updates. I update once a month, but you can update every week.

If you want to root your phone using Magisk though you have to download the image on your computer, patch the boot.img (or similar file) using Magisk and flash it using your computer. This has to be done on every update

Once you root your phone you can mask your phone to appear as a official phone so that your banking apps and such work.

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