Has anyone gotten input-leap to work?

Input Leap is “a software KVM” that was forked from Barrier. There’s quite a few people excited around the base ground work done in libei and the “portals” to get this to work in Wayland.

After the updates to libei, recently some changes were merged to libportal that allow its use on Wayland with Fedora 39, but I just compiled input-leap from source and it doesn’t seem to work for me on Wayland/EndeavourOS,.

Has anyone gotten this to work? Maybe one still needs to compile libportal and xdg-desktop-portal from source, for Arch? I was hoping these packages contain these recent changes, but I guess they maybe not?

For what it’s worth, comparing the versions on a fully-updated Fedora 39 VM and my EOS install seems to give the same versions:

When I run Input Leap on my Wayland/EOS as a server, I am able to connect from a Windows client (Barrier) but the mouse does not cross the screen boundary of my EOS desktop to go into the Windows desktop.

If anyone is interested in this software and has made more progress than I, please share how you managed to do it.

There are some comments on an AUR page about people getting it to work, but some of this goes over my head. I understand how to edit the pkgbuild but I haven’t had much luck. Maybe it will help you more than it’s helped me: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/input-leap-git

Thank you for pointing to those comments. I got it to work. I installed the said patched packages:

$ yay -Q | grep inputcapture
libportal-inputcapture 0.7.1+r8+g1add346-2
libportal-inputcapture-gtk3 0.7.1+r8+g1add346-2
libportal-inputcapture-gtk4 0.7.1+r8+g1add346-2

Then I built input capture from source:

$ ./clean_build.sh

Ran `build/bin/input-leaps` and I was able to connect to a Windows laptop running Barrier and share my desktop's (EndeavourOS) keyboard to control the laptop.

One issue (probably a bug, will report on github): is that keyboard combinations don't seem to work...

Thank you for the assistance!

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Awesome, glad to hear it. I think you’re using the gtk3 and gtk4 packages because you’re on Gnome, but I’m on Plasma. I think I want the patched qt5 backend instead? I might try this later today, but wanted your thoughts. Thanks!

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