Hard drive error fsck. Ext4

I got this error after single booting bspwm idk how to fix it. Halp. Please

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are you able to run fdisk -l to see yourd hd ?

otherwise I suggest also:

could be some hard drive data cable issue, furthermore
if not clear I
would take out the drive, connect it to another computer
and run smart tests on it, there could be some damage to
the hd or just the partition to check.

It’s a laptop
And I will try fdisk

There is most certainly a M.2 PCIe SSD installed,
( so forget about the cables, I said )
they get too hot sometimes, if you do not want
to take it out, you can still work with live USB
to diagnose, for that you have to disable secure boot in
the bios, and set the usb as first boot.

What is installed on the laptop? Is it just EndeavourOS Bspwm on the whole drive?

It says it’s in /dev/sda2. . . Is this on a USB?

Yes. Windows got stuck on loading screen

I am installing from a usb to hdd

So you did only one install and it booted to this? If the laptop is UEFI Bios you need to make sure secure boot is disabled in the Bios and the secure keys are cleared first. You could boot on the live ISO and see if you can post the output link to the following commands.

inxi --no-host |eos-sendlog

sudo fdisk -l | eos-sendlog

So, are you getting this error while booting up your installation medium or you have already installed EnOS bspwm which doesn’t boot up? Please be more descriptive about what you have done, you are doing and your hardware.

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I think is getting on booting up after install. Probably was secure boot on and keys. :man_shrugging:
I always remove any secure boot keys before disabling it just to make sure. I never have any issue with this.

If the only could come back and provide some more info.