Hard drive disappears after waking from sleep

As of maybe a couple weeks ago, one of my SATA HDDs started disappearing after sleeping. At first it happened every few days but now it’s happening basically every time my computer wakes up. It won’t even show up in lsblk. The issue persists until i reboot.

Here’s the most recent log of it happening https://pastebin.com/M3QvTE6e

The SMART status seems to be okay

What can I do?

Does this happen with the LTS kernel?

This is kinda hard to test cause it seems to mostly happen with long sleeps like overnight but I installed it and I’ll let you know if it does

You have a lot of I/O and filesystem (EXT4-fs) errors.

Run a filesystem check on the partitions of that disappearing disk (/dev/sdb) and see if it helps.

fsck says it’s clean. Those errors don’t appear on boot, only when the issue happens.

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One overnight sleep later, I decided to dmesg right as I woke it up and sure enough it keeps throwing I/O errors. As of writing it hasn’t disappeared quite yet but it’s read-only and trying to copy from it gives a ton of read errors. log

Some more googling shows some people with failing SATA controllers, could that be the issue? How can I test that?

This might be a long shot but replace the sata data cable with a new one, it might help

I really doubt it’s the cable cause there are no issues on a clean boot, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to try. I’ll pick one up today.

how many sata devices can your device host? I have a desktop that can have up to six physical hard drives connected through sata. I would say if this is in fact the same as you then try another sata port and see if the errors persist. As always backup before attempting advice you choose to follow.

If it isn’t you can try putting another drive in that spot and see if the issue persist on that sata plug if so then chances are the plug. However its all guess work by elimination. A USB/SATA connection for the device in question could see if the issue persist with the drive in question.

Before doing any hardware stuff I would in fact eliminate a software issue. You can run programs that can test the drive (can take up to days at a time to do some test depending on conditions)

My motherboard has 4 sata ports, one blocked by my gpu, the other 3 are in use. I’m gonna try to swap my two hdds and see if the issue persists on the same port or if its the specific disk. I also ordered some new cables to try just in case.

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Welp, after swapping the drives, the same one keeps erroring on the new port. My new cables are getting here today, so I’ll try replacing its cable, and if that doesn’t work I’ll just assume the drive is dying, unless anyone has any ideas.

your assumption is right