Happy with my Current Linux Install

This is just some fluff I wanted to share. I’ve been daily driving Linux for the past 8 years or so now and I would say that for once I am finally happy with my current build. It is just perfect. There is no annoying bug nor anything that behaves in a way I don’t want it. Everything just works and does what I want it to do. I’ve finally solved everything that bothered me and I feel like I’m in heaven now.

The only annoyances are buggy Windows games or that simply don’t work and some very poorly coded application(discord). These don’t make my system less perfect by any means.

Feel free to share your experiences as well.


Hi @zangoku
I assume you are on EndeavourOS.
I second you.
I am on Linux since 2000, and have distrohopped for about a year, tried all Linuxes DEB, RPM, Slackware, Gentoo… based disrotros out there)

I ended up that Arch based is the best and EndeavourOS is the best of the best.
For the first time I am settled on a distro for about a year.

On top of all, the community here is the best I ever came through.
Enjoy it with us!


I am more than happy with my system after installing EndeavourOS :grinning: :innocent:

I still remember the time when my PC was not able to run multiple software and was getting crashed consistently. It was also because of the fact of 3 GB RAM, but still, on fresh boot it was eating 1.6 GB of RAM :rofl: :rofl:
But after installing KDE+EndeavourOS, everything seems nice, and RAM usage on fresh boot is 700-800 MB ! This is more than what I had expected. Before coming here, I was only aware of Open Source software, and the general term “Linux” and Linux Mint, that’s it. But the quest to find the Linux distribution for my old PC, I discovered many distributions, and for this I will thank Distrowatch. The only good thing it does is that it provides the list various distributions with their official websites.

The key highlights for my journey so far in the world of Linux are :

  • Found out the best distribution for my use case, the one which has less ISO size plus don’t requires the procedure for version upgrades.

  • Learned many new things w.r.t. myself, as I had never explored computers in the past when I was on Windows, except I had corrupted it many times and fixed it via some online articles.

  • Discovered KDE, which had provided me almost all essential software which I need, and also got the freedom to customize my Desktop which provides me satisfaction.

  • Got few good games, which have size less than 20 MB.

  • Learned how to use terminal for general purpose, but still I don’t know many things.

  • System never crashed, nor I got into massive trouble, like what I had faced in Windows Era.

Most importantly, because of my desire to get Linux, I got EndeavourOS, and because of which, I found this Community, where I found out many great minds who discuss here and bring out the new ideas about which a common person is not aware of, and because of this, I also got the chance to talk with people around the world.
For a person like me who had never seen any country except India, talking with friendly people around the world was a new experience for me, and still whenever I write the replies via the Forum service, it amuses me.

People here had also helped me to discover some flaws in my personality, and had taught me how should I correct it. For this, a very big thank you to everyone over here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here, we usually talk in हिन्दी, and only use English in workplace. Hence conversing in English is not a regular practice for me, but conversing here had helped to improve my skills in English.

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I left Windows for good in 2007. I had used Linux on and off a few times. I had Caldera OpenLinux which I think came out in mid 90’s. I switched from Caldera to Mandrake 7.0 When that died I went back to Window’s. I hopped around with Ubuntu/Fedora/PCLinuxOS and others. It took me several years to find a system which I enjoyed and that was Antergos. Having Antergos and Openbox I thought I found heaven. Not much has changed except Antergos is no more and EndeavourOS is the closest to it In my opinion. With the Death of Antergos I switched to Manjaro but wasn’t happy with it. I tried Arco after that but still not totally what I wanted both Manjaro and Arco just put to much garbage in their OS’s Lots of programs I would never use. When I first tried EndeavourOS I thought wow I found it again. I love the minimal approach that Endeavour takes in its Community Openbox edition. I would rather spend time putting stuff on my system Im going to use then to take stuff off I’m not going to use. This is the OS that has its own install thumbdrive. I only update the drive for EOS. I have no need to look elsewhere as this is the OS of champions :grin:


Me too, I am very happy with my Linux systems.


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Glad to hear! Linux is just more fun and a better experience, especially with :enos: