Happy second birthday, EndeavourOS!

A little late, but I want to wish EndeavourOS a happy birthday. After two years, it became one of the most popular distributions. What could be the secret to success? For me, one of the most important factors is a friendly community and a “just works” feeling.


Thank you and a big heartfelt thank you to the community and moderators who are a major part of EndeavourOS’ success… :sparkling_heart: :purple_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Happy second birthday to this great distro :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :heart_eyes:, For me what makes it work is the great maintainers it’s kiss philosophy and the very warm and friendly community


Huge congratulations and Happy Birthday to this fantastic Distro. My permanent home after so much distro hopping.
Thanks to the Project Leader and contributors, fantastic job. :enos_flag: :purple_heart: :rocketa_purple: :smiley: :birthday:


Just another Happy Birthday to EndeavourOS.

It is amazing as to how far it has come in just two years. I believe that this is due to the very hard work done by the designers, the maintainers, the moderators, and, this goes almost without saying, the superb community which is an integral part of this operating system.

And that’s not even to mention the vast number of programs available for it, including the ones available via the official channels, the community channels, as well as the AUR. I suppose there may be some users who need a particular program which is not currently available through those channels but I would bet that they are few and far between.

THANK YOU and, again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all involved with EndeavourOS.



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