Happy Midsummers Eve!

For us Swedes Midsummer is i big thing that out trumps most other holidays.

It’s that time of year when we perform pagan satanic rituals, and sacrifice virgins.

In reality we eat a lot of pickled herring and get really drunk. :wink:

Glad midsommar!


Glad midsommar and have a great night all of you.


Happy Midsummer! I will be with you on drinking, sadly no herrings at home :fishing_pole_and_fish:


No change there, then!


“true swedish midsommar” is not so exclusive as you might think :wink:

“sonnwendfeuer” (solstice fire) is an ancient pre-christian ceremony which is/was celebrated in many cultures across europe/the world. originating from a totally differing philosophy of life it has nothing in common with satan, who is part of the christian ideology.

ok, sweden might be an exception here :wink:


I saw that movie appear on Kanopy, but wasn’t sure if I would like it.
I know nothing about the tradition Midsummer. First time hearing about it.
Does that movie reflect well?

As far as going out to somebody’s country house with friends and/or family goes, it does. The pre-christian pagan roots of midsummer solstice is still there in the background, and if there are children about we still do traditional dancing around the midsummer’s pole (a quite ludicrous tradition) symbolising re-impregnating the earth to assure good crops.

First there is sillunch (herring lunch) with snaps and beer. Then coffee and desert (strawberry’s are mandatory; normal prize 2,5 Euro, now 15). Then most people kick back for a while before eating again (nowadays barbecue more often than not) more snaps and beer, and so it goes on until the early hours of the morning. As far as Sweden’s reputation of being sexually open and free; this evening actually proves it true, unless you have to much to drink. :wink:

There are a heap of traditions surrounding midsummer, like sleeping with seven different flowers underneath your pillow to see your spouse to be in your dreams.

Me… I’m working tomorrow, so no fun for me. :frowning:


i haven’t seen the film and probably won’t either, but most of the film adaptations on this subject are disappointingly one-sided and clearly show whose spiritual children are behind the productions.

“pagans” and their culture come off badly per se and are almost exclusively depicted as degenerated, sexually decadent devil worshippers and child eaters.

Well, christianity has a habit of taking over local pagan festivities like christmas and midsommer’s eve, and producing a lot of trash talking about previous customs.

The film just uses midsommar as a backdrop for a psychological horror drama, and it is a good fit.

But, no devil worshipping, or succulent roasted toddler for me this year. :frowning:


That would be an ideal holiday for Germany too. I just left out the fish stuff because we have a lot of people who don’t like fish (what I really don’t understand). :sunglasses: :wink:

Skål :beers:


well said, then I might give the film a chance.

be careful while jumping over the fire after all of that snaps and beer :smile:

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