Hangs on login manager

Like to use BSPWM on my laptop which is connected to external monitor (HDMI-1). Installation went fine after the reboot, I see my login prompt and after I enter the password, it gives me the same screen with empty password slot. There is only BSPWM installed. Appreciate suggestion to fix this behavior.

i do not think the external display is the issue here, but is it the same if it is not connected?
the other thing to try would be starting it without lightdm from TTY2:
log in as normal user, and create .xinitrc:
echo "exec bspwm" > ~/.xinitrc
sudo systemctl stop lightdm

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same prob, rebooting after I disconnected HDMI-1 from my laptop. Followed your suggestions and after “startx”, it hangs with “welcome exit code was: 1”.

it could be something went wrong on installation here…
Hard to provide logs from your side if you do not have wired internet connection…
If yes:
cat /var/log/Calamares.log | eos-sendlog for install log
will pastebin it and give the url back.

Not any kind of expert here (not on bspwn for sure!) - but have you given it the “after install” update? Getting welcome to return an exit code of 1 isn’t that easy! try:
sudo pacman -Syyu to ensure that all the pieces of things are in place. Just another thing to eliminate…

My instillation was working fine. But few days a go (maybe 2-3 ) I’ve ran into similar problem. I’ve install Qtile and it works fine. But when I tried to run picon it logged me out of the session. so maybe it’s something to do with the composer?

I’m using an x220 thinkpad with no external monitors at the moment.


# Picom
# picom -CGb &

in .config/bspwm/bspwmrc helps for now.