Hang on shutdown with blinking CapsLock

The EnOS is installed on Lenovo Ideapad 5 Pro with Rizen CPU (16ACH6). KDE is the desktop, and current - not LTS - kernel is in use.

After today update during a shutdown I get (as expected) dark (but not turned off) screen, and then just CapsLock LED blink, and nothing more happens. Few minutes later (say, five minute) I just turn the notebook off with power button (pressed during standard 4 sec).

Can you, please, share your ideas how to eliminate the issue?

Have you started your notebook since then and checked whether the problem still exists?

I had a similar problem with the capslock button on my lenovo notebook, only the external screen was black. I then shut it down just like you, went into lts, everything was fine there and then back to the standard kernel, everything was ok too. didn’t have to configure anything.

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Yes, I have tried 2 or 3 times with the same blinking and hanging. But have decided to try again now, and the problem hasn’t appeared this time. Will see further how it will behave. At the case the issue will appear again, I’ll try your trick with intermediate LTS, thanks.

you can try lts and see if the problem persists there too, but switching to lts and the standard kernel won’t do anything I think.
Using lts in the first place was a logical step, since the standard kernel was updated I assumed the problem was related to that.

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Yes, now I see your point, thanks.

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Check your logs after the next time to track it down if it persist.