Hacking Tools on EndeavourOS

Is there any way to install all the hacking tools that are present in BlackArch in EndeavourOS as outlined in this website:

I want to learn hacking but I wouldn’t like to move from EndeavourOS to any BlackArch or Kali Linux (or any other Debian-Based system for that matter). How can I install all the pentesting tools in EndeavourOS, or better still add the BlackArch repo? The above listed article was working for Arch Linux when I had it, but it doesn’t work for EndeavourOS.

Hi, welcome to forum!

The article you linked is over 5 years old at this point.

I suggest, you try out the steps on official website of Black Arch :point_down:

Refer the Installing on top of ArchLinux section.


yep. Thanks. Will definitely try this out.