Guide me to Gnome Desktop Environment Installation

Hello Everyone, I wish to replace default xfce desktop environment with gnome. Please help me to do that.
Thanks in advance.


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Or if you’d prefer a fresh install, you can choose gnome during the online installation process.


This would be the best and safest way to do this.

in case of switching from xfce4 to GNOME it will not cause any serious issues i think.
procedure is 3 points:

  1. install Gnome packages
  2. uninstall xfce4 packages
  3. make sure that uninstalling XFCE4 packages does nor uninstall needed stuff from GNOME be reinstall GNOME with the --needed flag.

(4.) If you want switch to GDM from welcome app
And you will have config files that you need to remove manually under ~/.config/xfce4

This way is the most secure way to get it working, without the need to reinstall the system itself.
But indeed if it is not a fresh install and you have already installed a lot of applications and create settings it can get troublesome also.

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Just out of curiosity, would the following work as an alternative approach?

  • Logging in from TTY
  • Removing all Xfce packages
  • Installing Gnome

sure if you are comfortable with only cli :wink:
my points are save for doing it inside logged in to XFCE4.
But using the package list stuff from the github:

can be used easy in cli mode as you can also read the readme if needed:


Good to know!
Thanks for further explanation!
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