GUI settings app for i3?

I know, this will be sacrilegious, but… is there a GUI that I can install that will give me a system settings (per say) for i3? I am getting too nervous to muck around in config files to make minor tweaks like natural scrolling and screen brightness or anything else that comes up.

As for GUI for i3, no idea, sorry, but no need to be

As with everything, step 0 is always: make backups.
What I tend to do before messing with any sort of configuration file, is make a copy of it in the same directory with something like ~ or .save or .original or whatever suffixed, so I’ll know that that’s the file as it was before I started breaking things :wink:

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maybe fit you better … you get gui that you want :wink:

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There are a lot of possiblities to setup your environment around i3, but i3 itself is configured with a single config file easy to handle without a GUI… And with basic knowledge on moving / copy files and using nano you can revert if i3 is not starting from login to TTY2 Yo can also copy / backup the i3 config folder all together cp -r ~/.config/i3 ~/.config/i3-original


Its not a desktop environment. you need to do the work.