GUI package manager

Can I install pamac? Or is there any other better GUI package manager?

Welcome @tushar

Yes you can install pamac. I use the pamac-aur-git version

yay -S pamac-aur-git


yay pamac and pick #4

Edit: Keep in mind that pacman is the defacto package manager. You can use pamac also but it is a good idea to get used to using pacman and also yay which is an AUR helper. Yay will install or update both AUR packages and arch packages and also eos packages in the eos repo. pacman is your friend!


I just want to browse packages with gui (like in pamac search anything it will show up but in terminal you have to enter exact package name for it). I will always use pacman. What to choose the libpamac provider libpamac or libpamac-aur.


You can use both pacman and yay to search for packages also. don’t forget the man pages.

man pacman
man yay

If you want to search you can use

yay -Ss pkg Or pacman -Ss pkg

Edit: Or just yay pkg and select the pkg if it finds it.


Thanks looks like I don’t need pamac​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: