Gui or app to add new user easy

is there an app or gui to add easy a new user?

What Desktop Environment are you using?


Maybe try this:

how can i install it

yay -S <package-name>

yay -S system-config-users

→ Konnte nicht alle benötigten Pakete finden:
cython2 (Angefordert von: system-config-users → pygtk → python2-numpy)

Apparently, the PKGBUILD is outdated and won’t work.

why can i not add a new user over system settings? i can do it on mx-linux, ubuntu, etc.

It is because Xfce doesn’t ship with one.

which desktop ship it?

I think almost everything else. KDE, GNome, Cinnamon, MATE, LXQt

is there any way do add an user?

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Not a miracle, but it works according to your needs.