GUI GPG management on KDE Plasma

Hey guys, im wondering what program to use for managing my gpg keys on KDE. I prefer something that natively works in KDe Plasma. Im looking at Kleopatra and KGPG+KWallet. Kwallet+KGPG seems to be better integrated in KDE but I heard it has some really bad security issues so im not real sure about using it. Anyone got any suggestions?

you can always use like gpa

:slight_smile: if you dont trust it

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Alrighty! I got it downloaded but it looks a little ugly with the theme I’m using :sweat_smile: Maybe I could give Kleopatra a try?

as theme , even in KDE is also if you use a theme you have to find also the gtk2/gtk3 theme to make kde close as one whole :slight_smile: gpa is gtk2 idd

Ah, hmm. the theme im using actually does have a GTK theme with it (it’s that Dracula theme), but the icons look strange with it

Oh I managed to get Kleopatra working! I changed around my pinetry and it caused issues with exporting, but got it corrected

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