Gufw not functioning correctly

Installed gufw with pacman. The program is not available in the Gnome “all programs” list. Running gufw in the command line results in asking for a password and then opening the program, however the firewall is always off after every restart until turn it on. I feel like gufw on other distros does not need sudo permissions to even run and autostarts…

Also get this error in the command line:

Gtk-WARNING **: TIME: Could not load image ‘/usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/gufw.png’: Failed to open file “/usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/gufw.png”: No such file or directory

Know how to use ufw and iptables firewall via command line but for a laptop just find it easier to use gufw. However, in Gnome with Endeavor OS this is presently not a smooth experience. Any suggestions?

did you run
# systemctl enable ufw.service
# reboot



Only FYI

           When used with enable, the units will also be started.
systemctl enable --now ufw.service

It is needing higher privileges to run (pkexec) also on ubuntu…

more info at our wiki:


sudo systemctl enable --now ufw.service

appears to have solved. Still don’t see the firewall in Gnome “all programs” list, but also have not yet restarted. Thanks.

The solution goes to @Pudge , post #2 .
my FYI is only a little bit quicker, no reboot needed.
Next, if systemctl need su, sudo, it ask for, don’t start systemctl as sudo.

Gufw starts fine now…however the only way to access it is through “gufw” in the command line.

Did it create a .desktop file? Can you see it with something like
ls /usr/share/applications | grep -P "[gG]ufw|[Ff]irewall"

You can also check in /usr/local/share/applications/ or in ~/.local/share/applications/.

There is nothing firewall related in /usr/share/applications

Can someone share the name and contents of their gufw file?

This is the official repo:

Not sure it works though, I have nothing to test it on (no app launcher)

This are files installed with gufw if you do using archlinux package:


so desktop file must be there.

I just installed it, and don’t seem to have it either in my /usr/share/applications/ :face_with_monocle:

/usr/share/applications/gufw.desktop doesn´t exist like at Tasia91’s system
The firewall runs correct in the terminal.
o.k. i do see this at the package source also, the one i look for it before was in the cache so not latest one (seems) …

you can add desktop file also under your home:

I see no reason to not have a desktop file, as it is a personal-firewall… a user should be able to start the app from menu…

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Can someone post contents of their gufw.desktop file?

If alacarte (Main Menu) is installed, you can easily add gufw to the “Applications” screen.

I installed it in the Internet category (less crowded)
I found the icon in /usr/share/gufw/media/shields
I chose deny_allow_disabled.png for the icon.


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