GTK applications lagging and have a long startup time!

Hi guys! I am not new to EOS and its amazing forum. It’s been like a year or so since I started using it and I am having a great time with it. But one thing I noticed so far and that is a little annoying actually that is the GTK application, doesn’t matter if it’s something as light as thunar takes around 25-30 second to startup, and is a little laggy. Also when I am using any application like for example a browser, whenever I have to use a file picker to specify a download location, it’s just too big that on my second monitor that has a resolution of 1366x768, I can’t even see the bottom part of it with save and cancel button properly. I always have to drag it to my second monitor.

Is there any output when you run the applications from a terminal?

Do you have any of the xdg-desktop-portal* packages? Can your try uninstalling them?

No, I don’t have any packages installed that matches that pattern.

And sorry for replying this late, I was out of town for to attend a meeting.

Open those application via terminal which is experiencing lag, and share the output as told by @jonathon .

Can you install xdg-desktop-portal and xdg-desktop-portal-gtk, reboot and try again?

On an asynchronous forum noone cares about the delay, but they do care about questions being responded to and useful information being provided.


I would suggest taking an interest in the state of the Smart drive.

I opened thunar using terminal and therewas no output but when I closed it, it showed this in the terminal: qt.xkb.compose: failed to create compose table.

With celluloid, when I opened it with termials, again there was no output until I closed it, and this time it said: Cannot load in the termianl when I closed it.

I installed both of them and there is no difference.

Now, open terminal and enter journalctl -f, which will display real time logs.

Keep the terminal open, and now try to start those applications, so that terminal can produce the real time logs of the errors.


Hey everyone! Thanks for your precious time! So, actually I kinda fixed my problem. Last month I had to go out of country so I asked my lil sissy to update my pc for me in every 3 days but looks like she just updated it once and finally when I updated it myself after a month (after manually resolving sh*t tons of errors) I don’t have that problem anymore. The only problem that persists is that when I am using a GUI application, whenever there is a popup to for example save a file or upload file, the filepicker on my primary screen (1920x1080) looks normal but on my secondary screen (1366x768), It still overshoots the bottom border of my screen. It’s a little annoying.


Wow is this just happening to you are everyone with more than one monitor?

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