Gsync screen flickering

I have a Freesync monitor and on windows i use gsync compatible only with Fullscreen mode because Fullscreen + windowed mode causes flickering in games but on Linux i can’t find the option to turn on gsync only for Fullscreen mode which causes flickering in some games.

Is there a way to do it?

GPU brand?

Nvidia 1660 ti

Did you install the proprietary drivers? Is your system an Optimus system? (Dual GPU setup, Intel + Nvidia GPUs)

Yes i installed proprietary drivers. No it’s a desktop

It doesn’t make much sense how you have a Freesync monitor but you have this Gsync compatible thing on, afaik it’s a new feature. Try disabing Freesync in some games? Turn off vsync?

When i disable the “turn on Gsync for non Gsync compatible monitors” option the flickering goes away but i wanna use Gsync like in windows

You can’t use Gsync if you have freesync, that option refers to allowing the NVIDIA GPU to take advantage of FreeSync which is normally an AMD GPU thing.

But i can use it on Windows. If i tick the “Show Gsync indicator” it says “Gsync On” when I’m playing a game.

Again, I will reinterate, you are not really using Gsync.

What you are using is FreeSync managed by the NVIDIA GPU. It appears as Gsync simply because the Freesync monitor is in Gsync compat mode. Games are none the wiser.

The easiest solution is to buy a new monitor with Gsync but I know that can be expensive.

If this “Gsync” causes flickering (quotes cuz it’s Freesync in Nvidia compat mode) then why enable it?

You cannot have actual Gsync without:

A Gsync monitor.
An NVIDIA GPU that supports it.

In your case you have:

A Freesync monitor
An NVIDIA gpu.

So you simply cannot have actual Gsync, windwoes is really using Freesync in compat mode to make it LOOK like you are using Gsync, but you aren’t. You are using Freesync in compat mode (ficm)

To get actual Gsync you need a different monitor.

That is why Linux won’t let you enable Gsync, because it’s not Gsync.

If it is flickering, then just disable the feature for that game.