Gstreamer plugins : Clementine

I use or would like to use Clementine, but I am getting an old
gstreamer error!

I have search the ArchLinux forum and also EOS forum.

Here is the output off pacman -Qs gst

Edit results from arch…


Optional Deps   : gst-plugins-base: "Base" plugin libraries
                  gst-plugins-good: "Good" plugin libraries
                  gst-plugins-bad: "Bad" plugin libraries
                  gst-plugins-ugly: "Ugly" plugin libraries
                  gst-libav: Libav plugin
                  gvfs: Various devices support

These are optional deps for clementine. Install and test.

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When I look at the source code I see that gstreamer is updated to 1.0
We’re already at 1.2

Clementine’s latest update is from 2016.

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Installed the lot and now it Clementine works

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