Gscan2pdf problems Can't call method "signal_connect"

Hi there,

After switching from Manjaro KDE to Endeavour KDE, I really like this Distro. However, I face an issue with gscan2pdf for scanning from my network Printer Brother MFC-J5330DW.

First of all, other apps like Skanlite work perfectly with this scanner device, just gscan2pdf shows the following issue:
After selecting the Scanner, the “scan” button keeps being greyed out, I can only choose “cancel”,and the mouse pointer keeps being a spinning wheel. I can change all the scan options, just not hit the scan button.

I did start gscan2pdf out of the terminal:
gscan2pdf --log=file.log

and get the following warning in the log file:
WARN - *** unhandled exception in callback:
*** Can’t call method “signal_connect” on an undefined value at /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/Gscan2pdf/Dialog/Scan/ line 312.
*** ignoring at /usr/lib/perl5/5.38/vendor_perl/Glib/Object/ line 67.

Any Idea how to fix that and is this the root cause for my problem?
Starting as sudo does not make any difference.
version is gscan2pdf 2.13.2

Many thanks in advance!


other scanners work for your brother all-in-one but you really love that clunky old warhorse gscan don’t you? [it’s saved my bacon before].
you use it and use it and all of a sudden this problem develops?

since this is an Endeavour Extra package it’s a good question.
I don’t recognize what any of that gibberish output means.
but I would say 1) reboot 2) get all the way up to date (yay) 3) uninstall/reinstall 4) wait a couple days to see if it’s an upstream issue or do indendent research.
after 48 hours if an update doesn’t fix it I’d find a place outside the forum to file a bug since it’s an Endeavour maintained package (I don’t know where that place is).
all I got–

Thanks for your reply!

I used gscan2pdf while using Manjaro without the error mentioned above. The error occurs on EndeavourOS only. I like gscan2pdf because it is simple for creating pdfs in one shot. Now I use Skanlite and put the scanned pages together with PDFSAM.

I did everything from 1)…4) you did recommend, but so far no change.

If there is any recommendation for any other scanner app, I would appreciate to know.

Thanks! Joerg