Grub4dos invalid or unsupported executable format

Grub4dos is not booting my Debian derivatives due to detecting the 64 ext4 partition ?. (error 13). One command is required to make it booting. It can be done like something e2fsck . My bookmark was site was down. I don’t know the correct usage. Please help me in this regard.

No experience with that item at all - but I picked this info up crusing the net.

I highly recommend that you download and use only
this version of grub4dos 0.4.6a version 
(2019-12-30 is also good) - Other versions of 
grub4dos, both older *and*  *newer* , may be buggy!

Might be a good place to start looking…

And, if alternate tools are needed, it’ll be easier to find help!

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I am not a technical guy. So I cannot go deep into grub. However, I got another link ( archived) provided by one of Puppy forum member. Accordingly, I have applied following commands

resize2fs -s /dev/sda6
tune2fs -l /dev/sda6

Consequently, my distro sparkyllnux loaded.