Grub-tools Issue

Hey @manuel

I was told you are behind grub-tools. I know I shouldn’t be posting here as it isn’t directly tied to EOS. But I am building my own Distro and want to integrate it coz I am annoyed by the Linux Linux, with Linux linux crap.

Now if I use the grub-fix-initrd-generation script alone as standalone to execute during build process it works but without proper hooks it will break. So I built and installed directly from gitlab still not working. Can we work together to see why ?

If ya can would be appreciated :wink:

I can try to help some.
The grub-tools package includes a hook file for eos-grub-fix-initrd-generation.
Did you use that?
And could you show the problem exactly and in full detail (all commands and outputs etc.)?

@manuel How to show you ? Where can we chat ?

I git clone from EOS gitlab makepkg and install is all I do. I update Grub nothing changes…

I tried adding package to my ISO it installs no errors but grub don’t change xD

I have the feeling that grub-fix-initrd-generation is not running post install … Is there a way to force it to run in pkgbuild or something, like install and run ?

The only way I could get it to work is by integrating grub-tools into ISO as well as renaming grub-fix-initrd-generation to grubfix putting it in usr/local/bin and make Calamares execute it at the end of installation… That way works perfectly but os-prober or grub did not get an update for a while so dunno yet if it’s 100%

These are general instructions about how to show logs:

Our repositories are at github, not gitlab:

A pacman hook (like eos-grub-fix-initrd-generation.hook) can trigger the run when a related package is installed, updated, or removed.
man alpm-hooks

I hope I understood your question correctly, and hopefully this answers it.

Yeah I figured as much. So until such an event occurs it will not be triggered. Simply installing it will do nothing. That’s why I made it so main script is triggered during Distro installation as well as including full package.

That way immediately fixed and will work on future. What do you think? Good?

Again am building my own Distro called XeroLinux :+1:

Your solution sounds great.
Would you like to share where in calamares you added that? I’m thinking of possibly using the same idea.

Let me know where we can chat n share knowledge. It’s a bit complex so will take a while to explain, but am all in for sharing… :wink:

You can send me private message here.

I prefer chat, coz requires sending a ton of screenshots back n forth… If you prefer not then will take much longer…

I’m not sure why it would require lots of stuff…
It should be a small piece of code, and not much to implement as most stuff already exists.

If it is a large change, then something is not right with it.

PM sent :wink: