Grub laggy


Grub works and all, but it’s really laggy when selecting menu entries. It takes about a second for it to move the selected entry after a key press…

This is a fresh install, nvidia (drivers installed and all using nvidia-inst).

Why is it so slow? Never had that issue on an AMD…
How do i make it responsive?

The configuration is default like EOS set it.

This is the entire /etc/default/grub file.

I never really messed with grub outside with adding kernel parameters for IOMMU, never really had to, it always just worked.
So i’m not sure what to do to fix the lag.

Is your display high resolution? If so, you might try forcing a lower resolution in /etc/default/grub

Yup, it was set to “auto”, and i have a 1440p display.
I guess GRUB doesn’t like that, especially with the background image loaded that EOS comes with.

I’ve set it to 1280x72x32 and it’s still a fraction of a second lag, but it’s manageable now for how much i’m going to use that. It could also be my imagination lol, it’s fine now.

It also looks better and more readable. :slight_smile:


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