GRUB issue/ arch-chroot from Ubuntu

So I also encountered the GRUB issue after an update and then tried to follow the instructions on The latest grub package update needs some manual intervention and

I’m running triple boot (Endeavour/Ubuntu/Windows) and changed the boot order so that I was able to get into my Ubuntu installation. I mounted my devices with chroot so that ls /home gave me my username, since I am unable to use arch-chroot for mounting in Ubuntu. So far, so good. But when I then try to run grub-install I receive the following error: grub-install: error: install device isn't specified. Just being apparently one step away from getting back to work is pretty frustrating, so any help would be greatly appreciated…

If you use the live usb of endeavouros you can arch-chroot properly into the installed EndeavourOS.

Edit: To arch-chroot you have to mount the / partition of the installed system first. Then you have to mount the efi partition which is your boot partition. Then you arch-chroot and you should be able to reinstall grub.

Great, thanks a lot! I thought I’d be possible to do it from any Linux OS, but will create an Endeavour USB then…

arch-chroot has to do with ARCH based distros, Ubuntu is not.

You could actually install arch-install-scripts providing arch-chroot on Ubuntu as well:

I use the same in a MX Linux install to chroot to an Arch system on the same disk. Works fine

You can chroot from another Linux. But you need to manually setup the full chroot. You can’t use arch-chroot. That means you also need to bind mount things like dev, sys and proc before entering the chroot.

Thanks a lot everyone. I created an Endeavour live USB, and then there was no problem carrying out the instructions, after running grub-install I just had to change the boot order, as per the instructions, and now everything’s working fine…