Grub hook failed


So there was a grub update and it is recommended to install grub again and then make the config.
In this thread

@dalto postet a grub hook to put it as grub.hook inside /etc/pacman.d/hooks/

Operation = Upgrade

Type = Package
Target = grub

Description = Re-install grub on update
When = PostTransaction
Depends = grub
Exec = sh -c "grub-install --no-nvram && grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg"

but it (sorry) doesn’t work for me.
By updating system (sudo pacman -Syu) I get an error message:
Konnte execv nicht aufrufen (Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden)
means in english: Can’t call execv (File or Folder not found)

So what is going wrong?


It probably needs to be /bin/sh instead of sh


Yes this is the issue (also forgot to mention it in my previous issue sorry)

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oki doki :slight_smile:
I changed it to /bin/bash

Next time on updating grub … hopeful :slight_smile:
Thanks guys!

P.S. every day I learn something new … that’s great (most times :slight_smile: )


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