Grub-Customizer Error After Update?

A few minutes ago, I decided to update my system. Everything went well as far as I can tell, and I am not having any problems. However, at the end of the update, I received an error that said “Error: file ‘/etc/grub.d/10_linux’ from package ‘grub’ does not exist”, and then went on to say something about the GRUB Customizer program (which I downloaded to customize my boot-loader theme and list), and how it may have caused an error.

Again, I was able to boot back into Linux with no issues. GRUB worked fine, everything displayed properly, and I don’t see anything wrong with my system. Still though, I wanted to make sure I didn’t do something wrong.


Using grub customiser is not recomended it often causes more problems then it solves. Without the exact error message it’s hard to know what happened.

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So I’ve heard…

I went searching and came across a way to pretty much wipe out Grub-Customizer. Process was as follows:

sudo pacman -Rns grub-customizer
rm -rf /etc/default/grub
rm -rf /etc/grub.d
sudo pacman -S grub

From there, I nano’d into the etc/default/grub directory, re-added my Intel IOMMU string (for single GPU passthrough into VMs), and rebooted. Booted back in, and everything seems okay in both Linux and my VMs. The file that was said to be missing in the error is there now as well.

Just wanted to run my process by you to make sure I didn’t do something wrong though.

Thanks for the quick reply!

The real issue is we can’t do much with:

When you get error messages be sure to copy them and share the exact message you receive.

Yeah, that’s my bad.

I went ahead and deleted grub-customizer and wiped my GRUB directories. Then I re-installed GRUB. Things seem to be fine after all of that, and I can’t find a single trace of grub-customizer in my system anymore.

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Great to hear that have your system sorted. And it was a good idea to come here and ask if you have any doubts. That is a great way of learning more every day!

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