Grub broke after updating Windows 11

When I updated my Windows 11 I can’t log in to GRUB anymore. It just sends me into the GRUB rescue screen and it says that the file system is unknown. No idea what to do

I suggest to use your live USB stick of eos, chroot and reinstall/reconfigure grub. I am pretty sure there are a couple of forum threads that have addressed similar issues in the past.

Edit: or even better eos discovery articles as posted below… :point_down:


Please have a look at this Discovery article:

If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to ask.


I have just updated Windows 11 to the latest version 22H2 with dual boot EndeavourOS. As i have stated before i don’t know how it breaks grub because this doesn’t seem to happen to me. I have two other laptops which i will also update tomorrow and see if either of them cause this issue. This is not just updating but updated to the latest version from 21H2 to 22H2. No issues.

Edit: I also updated Windows 11 after installing the latest version. Then another cumulative update for Windows 11 22H2 showed up. I have also installed that update with no issues. Still dual booting on EndeavourOS using grub.

Edit2: I updated the other 2 dual boot EndeavourOS with Windows laptops to 22H2 and all updates. I had no issues with grub while updating to the latest version of Windows or any of the updates that followed.


I can’t explain what happened when you have said you updated Windows 11 and now you are booting to grub rescue only? As @Zircon34 and @pebcak have advised you will have to use the live ISO and boot on it and arch-chroot in order to fix grub as per the wiki instructions.

We are here if you need further help.

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