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I’m Gemma a new EndeavourOS user. I’ve been using Linux for many years, since 2005ish I think SuSE 7 maybe. I mainly use Fedora these days, For this little laptop I thought I’d choose something different. I am pretty competent in apt and dnf and feel its time I learned pacman and maybe yay. As a Manjaro user I was dependent upon pamac and discover. Not this time I am here to learn skills for my linux future.

I installed EOS in offline mode as the online installer was failing. This was a great start as I was then able to boot into XFCE and install gnome from there, now in gnome I am home and have installed everything I need here.


welcome aboard :enos:

Welcome to the purple side! I’m also a Gnome user here as well :enos:

Since you’re familiar with apt and dnf commands, using pacman won’t be terribly different to learn, that knowledge you already have will only benefit you now. yay is installed on EndeavourOS by default so you can use pacman OR yay for most operations here. Just know…

pacman is the package manager from Arch. It can only install packages from the Arch repos.
yay is an AUR Helper & pacman wrapper that can install packages from the Arch repos or AUR.

One of the best resources to get your started on pacman is the Rosetta wiki, a collection of common commands and their counterparts between some of the most used package mangers. Hope it helps!


Welcome :partying_face:

Welcome to the community :beers:

Welcome to the forum @gemmakaru :enos_flag: :enos: :partying_face:

Thanks for the advice @Scotty_Trees . Hi Everyone.

Welcome! :enos_flag:

I guess I’ve cheated a bit installing a few apps through flatpaks. I’m finding app discovery harder at the command line, luckily I already (mostly) know what I am looking for so its not a big deal.

Who thinks its worth while giving KDE another shot on this machine?

Welcome here! :smile:

Unless you didn’t do it already, remember to update your system after offline install, e.g. (in two different ways)

sudo pacman -Syu

Search for packages to install, two ways:

pacman -Ss <words describing the search>
yay -Ss <words describing the search>

Installing packages, two ways:

sudo pacman -S --needed <package-name(s)>
yay -S --needed <package-name(s)>

If you don’t want reinstall, you might want to try installing KDE using the help of the package lists here:

cd "some workdir"
git clone
cd EndeavourOS-packages-lists
sudo pacman -S --needed - < plasma
sudo pacman -Syu

This was my first command after first boot. I considered aliasing it but that isn’t going to help the muscle memory.

I wasn’t planning to reinstall to get KDE but have it in addition to gnome. Thanks for the commands. I’ll go for it next chance I get.

I am now in plasma. Its xorg but its working. Actually I had a lot of failures but these were sorted by a fresh of the mirrors. I thought i had done this already but apparently it hadn’t worked.

Welcome @gemmakaru
I run KDE plasma and it’s the best! I personally do not like intermixing installed desktops. The only one i will do that with is xfce and i3 because they work together flawlessly.

I don’t install them together but on separate drives or partitions. I currently boot with xfce & i3 so i can log into one or the other and also have plasma, and bspwm on other drives currently using rEFInd as a boot manager along with grub on each installation separate from each other. I have btrfs with snapper and btrfs assistant on my plasma.

I’d normally never mix DEs but this machine is for experimentation.

Oh trust me Ive experimented. :laughing:

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Ok Its been a few days with Plasma now. I’ve tried the new overview and the new highlight colours I think the are new anyway. I am sorry to plasma lovers out there I just think Gnome is better. More specifically with a few extensions I can get Gnome to work just how I like it. Having spent time with Plasma it just not for me. I appreciate the efforts of the KDE team but I prefer Gnome. I think I am allowed to so I do.

EndevourOS on the other hand is just fine. No problems here. Will I switch all my machines from Fedora, Probably not. They both do the job.

Gnome is just not for me. I’m KDE all in! :smile:

I used to be a Gnome head from the start in the nineties. Gnome, Gnome 2, Gnome 3, then Gnome 40 happened.

Certain members here convinced me to give Plasma a try.

Now when I am doing test installs for Arm, and I install Gnome or Budgie, then play with it a while, I have to stick with Plasma. Why? Because of Dolphin and especially Kate. Having gotten used to Kate for scripting, I just can’t go back to gedit.


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For sure kate > gedit. I doubt anyone would argue with that.

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