Greetings From The Hurricane State

First, I wanted to thank the team for all they have done and all they plan to do. I have this latest on my 2 laptops and love it! I would love to help on some level but that is a topic for the developer team.

I also wanted to drop a quick line since I am new here saying hello. I am glad to be part of the community and I hope we all do great things in the future!

I like long walks on the, no, wait, wrong site.




What did you have in mind?

I have been fooling around with linux for a while and i have never really had the motivation to help out the projects i would run or give back to the community. I feel differently about EndeavourOS and want to help with the project. I don’t know where I can help out, or what you guys need help with, but i know i want to help somehow.

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hang out in the forum and help new users is a great place to start :wink:

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Spreading the word like butter :sandwich:

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