Greetings from Rio de Janeiro!

Hello, people! :wave:

I’ve said at Reddit that I was still creating courage to post for the first time here… and finally I got it. My name is Fausto, I’m a 33 years old Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro!

So, I got a degree in Law and a MA in Philosophy of Law and now I’m almost finishing a degree in Statistics. I got into coding/programming a little bit older than most… I created my first piece of code at 30. Ouch! So I got a lot a learn, but I’m loving it. Nowadays I’m in love with Julia and even though my university uses almost exclusively R (and sometimes Python), I’ve been trying to get more and more into Julia and scientific programming.

I’ve been using Linux for a little bit over 1 year, first with a dual boot Win10 (for gaming) / Ubuntu (for work). However, last month I completed my transition into full GNU/Linux and now I’m packing Ubuntu (for gaming) / EnOS (for work). Never looked back, it’s been very pleasant and every little roadblock that appeared so far was very instructive.

(I spent more time trying to figure out how to dual boot properly than I’d be willing to admit… just to finally realize I was trying to install UEFI booting from the pendrive without selecting the correct option :expressionless:)

So, I hope to be useful and agreeable here! (I saw that people were looking for Reddit mods, and I could do it if needed!)

I hope that maybe I can learn here a little bit more before tweaking and destroying my OS, or… maybe not! :sweat_smile: the itch to try out/explore a lot of things is already consuming me. But it’s nice to know that if I do it, there is a community of people doing the same with different levels of expertise.

Pleasure to meet you, people! Hugs and kisses for all!


Welcome,! :partying_face:

That’s so romantic, i must say! :cupid:
Wish you good times together :upside_down_face:

I’m extremely happy to hear that you have thrown out Win 10!
There’s no need for that garbage anymore :slight_smile:

Here’s our Linux gaming [Guide] and even FOSS screen space ray tracing with any game and GPU you can do all kinds of crazy stuff in terms of gaming this days, when done right no need for dual boot with Buntu (unless you like it of course), but seems you’re already know a lot of that :slight_smile:

So don’t be shy to ask anything or share your experience with us :slight_smile:


As said before, there’s no need to be shy, certainly after you’ve been using Endeavour for a year now.
I think I speak for the rest of the community that we are looking forward to get to know you better. :smiley:


Thanks! I decided to keep with the dual boot mostly because I need a “work environment” now that I’m almost always doing remote work. Things tend to go awry when I have access to my Steam :cry: I’m not a gamer as I used to be, but I hardly resist when I see a friend playing some Deep Rock Galactic, Valheim, Satisfactory or (as of today) Imperator: Rome. ADHD and all. Actually, this is why I installed Ubuntu for the first time, I needed a space where every software was just for work, even my browser was logged to a different account so that my bookmarks were different… I always need to control the environment to reduce the possibilities for distraction.

And then I just got preached by Richard Stallman and FOSS. Decided to try to use as much as FOSS as possible and learn the way of the CLI. So I transfered all my gaming stuff to Ubuntu, all my work stuff to EnOS and now I’m trying to be productive and a better GNU/Linux user :nerd_face:


Bem vindo ao forum colega :smiley:


Welcome to the fun :partying_face: :tada: :balloon:


welcome on the purple side of Linux :enos:

É bom ver que EndeavourOS é seu Romeu para aprender Julia !


Welcome! Enjoy your time here :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Welcome to the forum! :partying_face: :wave:
Yes I remember you from Reddit. Great that you joined the forum!

Quite the same happened with the me when I first tried EnOS. I was totally confused and I postponed the install to next day :laughing: We learn when we face problems :wink:

Destroying machines is a good idea…when they are virtual machines. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’ve done lots of stupid experiments in virtual machines.

I hope you enjoy your stay here and you use EnOS till the time we reach the moon (and beyond)! :rocketa_purple:




Welcome! Good to have you with us! Starting your coding at 30 is far from late, because it’s never too late. Enjoy the journey!


Welcome. Enjoy the community.


Welcome. Glad you had enough courage to post here, finally :relieved:


Welcome to the community :beers:


Great introduction!
Outro carioca aqui. :slight_smile:
Marcelo Pinheiro


Welcome to the community. I’ve been using Endeavour for 3 weeks and really love it. The community are really nice people, With it being stable and nice community Endeavour doesn’t feel like Arch, it feels like it’s a different distro.


Welcome @fausto.mpj

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