Greetings from Austria

Hello everyone,

i’ve just installed EOS on my main machine.

I am 37 years old, from Vienna working as a IT - Technician for 3 years now.

I’ve started using Computers in the 90’s when my father started to discover DOS and Windows 3.11 and later Windows NT.
I’ve started also with DOS and Windows 3.11, ignored Windows NT firstly (you know … gaming was the faint of my heart) went to Windows 95 B, Windows 98, Windows 2000 (Windows NT there i come), Windows 7, 10 and now discovering 11.

I was a gamer, acquired some basic programming skills in C, VB and of course HTML and PHP.
I always had just one machine and gaming was my priority in my life. So i sticked to Redmonds best, with some excursions into the world of unix.
My first Linux, ofc, was a redhat CD i had in a magazine.
I installed it and it was just aweful. (used it for like 15 minutes or so)
My first real attempt to use linux was gentoo in 2003. It was a harsh entry into the world of linux, it took me a full week to install it, but i was very proud when i made it. I’ve used it for 1 month or so, then my passion for gaming led me back to windows. (i had no idea about dual booting, nor a second machine to use it on … funds were limited this time)
I’ve managed to install arch several time, and broke it several times.
I’ve used NixOS with KVM/QEMU VFIO Windows 10 on it for a long time (nearly half a year).
Things changed when i came into a family with 3 children and was lucky to get my actual job at the same time.
No time for gaming anymore … it became boring anyways. … no use for windows on my main machine anymore.

For work i am using a Notebook (it was my first notebook), sure with Windows 10 / 11, because “use what your customers using”.
For servers we are using Windows and Linux ones (mostly ubuntu).
I bought myself an iPhone (again … my first smartphone was a iphone 3gs) and lately an M1 Macbook Air.
I’ve upgraded my main Machine to an AMD Ryzen 5900X with 32 GB of RAM, because you know … working is increasing your funds, and at some point you have to fullfill your childish dreams g
And i decided to give desktop linux another shot.

And so … here i am :slight_smile: An experienced noob trying to fulltime switch to Linux on his main production machine.

Thats what i want to achieve with EOS on my main machine:

Using it for Home-Office:

  • RDP to Windows Servers and Clients
  • Remote Support via a Remote Support Tool no one really knows (PC Visit)
  • GIMP for creating Interfaces/Buttons and Overlays

Using it for learning:

  • Linux / Unix
  • coding in generall
  • Python & Javascript because i could use them for work
  • Tiling Window Manager (the “new” meme)

Using it for gaming:

  • Singleplayer mostly … and just if i have the time for it … mostly steam games (i love you valve and what you are doing for the Linux community … had to say it at this point)

Using it remotely from my macbook:

  • SSH
  • RDP / VNC

i am using EOS with i3wm btw :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum!

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.


Welcome to EnOs’ forum!


Welcome to Endeavouros forum …


Welcome to the forum! :enos_flag:


Welcome to the forum :tada::balloon:


greetings form India,
I UsE ArCH btW

Welcome @aw4r3

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Welcome to the community :beers:

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@aw4r3 Hello and welcome to the forum and have a nice stay! :enos_flag:

I freue mich, das die Österreicher-Abteilung immer größer wird. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Wow. I see you are really experienced.
I’ve been on linux since 2000.
Never enjoyed a community or a distro like EOS.

I’m sure you will enjoy it here.
You are welcome to our wonderful world.


Welcome to the purple side and to this amazing linux distro, hope you have a good journey as you discover and learn about linux :partying_face:

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You sound like you’re going to fit in nicely here. Welcome!

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Hello from Austria to Austria :vulcan_salute: :austria: Looks like EOS is pretty popular here :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome @aw4r3


Willkommen an Bord von hier nebenan.
Ich kann sehen, dass Sie, wie ich, verschiedene Windows-Versionen durchgemacht haben, die gut und schlecht waren. Auch an meinem damaligen Arbeitsplatz habe ich mit Red Hat angefangen, Linux kennenzulernen. Dann kam Suse Linux, und auf lange Sicht lernte ich seine Besonderheiten auf Debian. Ich habe mich schon immer für Arch Linux interessiert, bin aber erst vor ein paar Jahren dazu gekommen, als ich anfing Manjaro und dann Antergos zu verwenden. Nach der Einstellung von Antergos Linux kam vor zwei Jahren EndeavourOS auf den Markt, das auch eine tolle Community hat, also bin ich hier hängen geblieben. Unbemerkt nutze ich immer weniger Windows, obwohl ich vor einigen Jahren noch zu den Insidern von Windows 10 gehörte. Ich denke du bist hier richtig.


Hallo “Wiener”,
I think that you will enjoy EOS. I recently made it my daily driver too and haven’t looked back. Welcome! :slight_smile: