Greeting all EOS fan.From A thai fan

Hello everyone, Glad to be here.My name is Phaithoon or call me Tune.I am from Kamphaeng Phet Province,Thailand.My english just basic.

I have been use EOS for 2 years.Switch to linux for 5 years.First with Ubuntu,Fedora,ZorinOS,Manjaro,SulusOS and last my love EndeavourOS KDE.

First met . i didnt get to it because i had conflict with my nvidia390driver with current Nvidia when i updated.later had improved made me love this easy-arch distro so much.and i was linux noob.when it had updated to linux 6.0 kernal.I struggled more had to move to neauvou driver with wayland.And the next best thing happen.AUR released nvidia390 driver on linux 6.4 kernal! made my PC games back again.

Now with Proton from Valve software on Steam make more enjoy my potato PC on linux.
And have experienced more and more on Yay package manager app.Plus with Fish shell interface.i have enjoy on EndeavourOS A LOT.I still not pro yet.but more impovement.

There no way back to winsuck anymore!

Keep up the good works,EOS Dev : )


Welcome to the forum @Tune45 :enos: :enos_flag:

thank you,but i cant join telegram group.i cant see captcha.please

Welcome to the community :beers:

Ok just watch indian youtuber .Type /number of captcha!DONE

Welcome to the dark side @Tune45

HAHA i am not hacker yet XD

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Welcome Tune!

I forget i might met you somewhere in this forum before.

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Thank you Mod!

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Hello Tune :wave:

I made you a small present : :gift:

use strict;
use warnings;

my $newfriendwholikesfreesoftware = "  Phaithoon";

print "hello, $newfriendwholikesfreesoftware. May you have the best of good times with EndeavourOS \n";

print "i am also a user and enjoying very much this freedom \n";

print "bye bye! \n";

Take care,


Welcome to the forum @Tune45


I’m surprised that you didn’t go with “ribbit”

@Tune45 Welcome to the forum.


Are you the same guy from,My steam fonts issue post? And greeting.

Nice coding poet!

welcome to the forums! :enos:

hello @Tune45,

welcome to the purple universe :enos: :enos_flag: :penguin_face: :rocketa_purple: :purple_heart:

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Good to have you with us, - it’s amazing what Valve and Proton have done to make gaming almost seamless via Steam. Even compared to a year or so ago, the change is significant. Enjoy the journey, it’s liberating to be away from Windows isn’t it… :wink:

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