Great Job Development Team

Just wanted to congratulate the Endeavour OS development team for the excellent work they’ve done putting together a rock solid distribution that worked straight out of the box, and allowed me to set up all my development environments within an hour. Bravo.


Yes, I have been meaning to post something like this too. I am thoroughly impressed and grateful for their hard work.


I’ve said it before, and it is well worth to mention again. A new distro in two months time?

I am impressed!


In previous posts, I also mention my appreciation of the EndeavourOS team of developers. I am happy to see notice of EndeavourOS spreading out into other forums and youtube videos. Yes, the new distro in two months is an outstanding feat; the welcoming spirit and friendliness of the development team and forum posters also deserves recognition. Cheers


No doubt. Very impressive.
Arch was my daily driver from late 2003/early 2004 until 2014 and I never found a spinoff distro that I liked or that worked well. I downloaded the ISO and hour ago, its installed, and I really like what I’m seeing here.

Nice job devs!

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