Graphics tablets with stylus pen?

Anybody using a graphics tablet and stylus pen? Just wondering how this hardware will work on computer with EndeavourOS. Any additional software files necessary? I notice Amazon has some low cost tablets that would probably work nicely (possibly) with Linux as advertised. Anyl idea’s, thoughts, or suggestions?

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Hey. Pretty much all standard plug n play tablets should work, but I’ve only ever used Wacom tablets.

Artist and Krita ambassador David Revoy uses Linux and has used tablets from different manufacturers over the years. This is what I am basing my answer off, along with the fact that most plug n play devices, like graphics tablets and external drives, just work in anything.

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Thanks for your input. . . . much appreciated.

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Basically anything Wacom as they are one of the only options that support Linux. I use a small Intuos and my I set up my mom with a Cintiq 15. Both were very easy to set up.

I hope I didn’t screw myself on this purchase . . .I bought a Hioun Kamvas 13. . . .I installed the driver and a few other files from AUR for tablets. So far as I can tell the software from Hioun (AUR) works on the computer. We’ll have to wait and see how it all comes together when I get the order in the mail. My understanding is that Gimp, Krita, Pinta, Rawtherapee, will work with a tablet. I’m interested in photography, not some much with art work but it will be nice to see what else will work with graphic tablets and stylus pens. Wish me luck. . . . I hope it all will work in the end.


Let me kind of put your mind at ease. There is no reason it shouldn’t work. But of course, your mileage may vary. :person_shrugging: :crossed_fingers:

You live and learn from experience. . . best take a cheap option then pay out a ton of cash for the best hardware available, until you become more experienced.


That philosophy is good for cars (vehicles), not so much for digital devices. There are 100s/1000s of people who’ve taken the plunge for you already in the digital world, so being timid about your purchases is usually unnecessary IMHO.

Problem is finding reliable sources to view from people who have taken the plunge. I looked at a bunch of ‘you-tube’ videos and didn’t find them all too helpful. The same with action video camera’s i.e. Go-pro vs the other contenders. It can sometimes be a crap shoot. . . then comes the software that may or may not work especially in Linux. MS has screwed everyone with their BS proprietary software EULA’s and the like. And some company’s just provide drivers and software for them. Not so much for ‘Open-source’ programs that rely on people ‘reverse engineering’ software to work with the hardware.


Read the final paragraph first. It’s the most relevant part.

I completely get all of that. I’m saying that when it comes to the popular/expensive/industry standard related apps/devices, you usually have all the research done for you already.

Huion devices are far less common, reasonably priced, and not the industry standard. So the problem you are running into here is a matter of your choice to buy something that has less “guinea pigs” to observe.

If you were buying a Wacom device, then pretty much every answer you get from your post would be, “Yes! Wacom works perfectly well on Linux.”

However, I understand that Wacom devices when compared to their alternatives are far more expensive and from the recent review videos I’ve watched, it’s like paying more for an iPhone with the same features of an Android phone. Total waste of money if you don’t have an actual and specific need for it.

But going back to what I said, graphics tablets are plug and play devices - even when they have extra features like app-based shortcut buttons - and the core functionalities just work most times.

A final note about the tablet I think you should be buying: You said you aren’t interested in doing art (drawing and painting) and that you’d be using it for photography. This means that getting something that is made for professional drawing and painting would be a waste, or at the very least underutilised. My suggestion would be an 8-11 inch tablet as opposed to something bigger. You won’t even need more than 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, so you really could buy just about anything, as 2048 levels is the current lowest, I think.

Thanks for your response. . . well written and thought out. . . I guess I was wanting something that would work and not cost an arm or a leg to purchase or use. Yes, everyone has different purposes for a graphic tablet and stylus and not everyone is an accomplished artist wanting the best for ‘artwork’. Another useful tool with any computer for many tasks at hand was what I was thinking. Keyboard and mouse are nice but expanding the usefulness of the computer comes to mind for other things.

Once again your suggestions and help are much appreciated. I’ve been using Linux since 1996. It has come a long way since then. . . . albeit slow when it comes to manufacturers making hardware and software that would benefit everyone besides MS Window’s users, that’s always been my biggest complaint. ( I recently dumped my Nvidia video card for an AMD card because I want hardware to work without waiting for the proprietary video drivers to be written or reversed engineered. The take it or leave it mentality of Microsoft and it’s monopolist hold on people and computers is still my biggest complaint.