Graphics Driver Question

I just installed KDE Plasma with the newest iso, I noticed that the xf86-video-intel are not installed during install nor are the vulkan-radeon ect…

But it recognizes my video card & monitor with the proper resolution & refresh rate. My question is what driver is installed by default, should i install the vulkan-radeon?


What is your hardware?

AMD ATI Radeon RX 570
Intel i7-10700 (16) @ 4.800GHz
Memory: 5012MiB / 32019MiB
Kernel: 6.7.3-arch1-2
Acer Nitro 34" Class UWQHD Curved Gaming Monitor 

xf86-video-intel is not installed because that one is basically dead for years. Also, your intel GPU is not even used when you connect your screen via the dedicated AMD card.

You should install vulkan-radeon and lib32-vulkan-radeon though. Vulkan drivers are not preinstalled on EndeavourOS as some might not need it.

If you need to use OpenCL, you also need to install either opencl-rusticl-mesa / lib32-opencl-rusticl-mesa OR rocm-opencl-runtime - you might actually want to check which one works best. If you don’t use any program that uses OpenCL, you also don’t need to install those.

I was going to install this, this is what i did when i used this card last.





I just wanted to make sure nothing needed to be removed before i went and installed these drivers.

you can install all of those, it won’t hurt anything.