Graphical glitches on cold boot(AMD)

Since the kernel 5.9.1 update i have graphical glitches after cold booting my laptop. Suspending and waking it up again fixes the problems. I already tried disabling the amdgpu kernel module which solves the graphical glitches, but i obviously can’t use my dedicated graphics card which is a must.

Specs: Lenovo E490, i7-8565u, Rx550x with the lastest updates
System Log:

5.4 was released a couple of years now (November 2019), so can you be a little more precise about the kernel series and versions you have tried?

Sorry for that. I have now looked in the pacman logs and found out that linux 5.9.1 introduced the bug. With kernel version 5.8.14 everything worked.

Have you tried removing xf86-video-intel?


Removing xf86-video-intel fixed my issue. Thank you for your help!