Graphical freeze and colored squared when playing Control or Warframe

Hi Guys, I recently started playing Control: Ultimate edition on Steam and have been having a good time, however every 5-15 minutes the entire computer screen freezes, goes dark for around 3 seconds, and then reappears still frozen covered in mutlicolored squares. Game audio and Discord calls still work during this time so its not a full crash but a full computer restart is the only way I know how to resolve it. This problem is also happening with another game Warframe in the same timeframe as well. Any suggestions on where I could start looking for errors or logs?

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About all I can suggest is to take a look through here and see if you can find anything related to your situation

Sounds like hardware failure since you had this with 2 different games. Can you try

You dont happen to have a NAVI 1 GPU do you? Mostly the 5600XT or 5700XT seem to be the worst about this.

no its likely NAVI 1 crap happening, the 5600xt and 5700xt are really bad about it. Something caused the GPU to hang, it didnt recover, then reset and the only way to restore the system is a reboot. Happens to me all the time, when i can ill be grabbing a different GPU and selling my 5700XT to a windows user that wont have the same issues.

Im not sure which proton is being used but a different proton version might work around w.e shader is causing this issue.

Yep, 5700XT with the problems happening on both amdgpu, amdvlk, and mesa drivers. Temperatures are fine and nothing within mangohud or system monitor suggests much. I believe I have possibly resolved the problem by setting each game to windowed borderless but didn’t get too much time in testing to allow for another crash to happen (only around 1-2 hour on each)

Youll keep encountering these issues off and on with the 5700XT

They havent been able to figure out what causes it, on windows the issues are largely resolved but something with running Navi 1 GPUs, especially the 5600xt/5700xt causes these lockups on linux. Theres ongoing issues on the amdgpu and mesa trackers for them but afaik youll just have to work around them when they happen.

Its the one very big frustration i have with my build currently is my 5700XT