Graphic issues after upgrade, flicker and red crosshair


I have been using Endevour OS, KDE Plasma since last year and when I updated the system today (2024-03-08) I got serious graphic issues with flicker, the whole or part of the webbrowser window (brave) goes blank. It does this flicker on every browser window I have open. And then there is a constant red cross on my right monitor on top of everything, every window.

I have two monitors an Asus Nvidia 4060 graphics card and an Intel i7.

It even lags when im writing this text.

What update caused this and how can I fix it?

I have a image of the crosshair and an video of the flicker that Im not able to upload.

Please help


I have similar issues, no red cross though.

That may be a monitor cross hair you probably enabled by accident, I have seen those crosses on the expensive monitors.

It is used as a way to help in first person shooter games, kind of like a cheaters crutch.

I would say check your monitor settings on the monitor itself and not in the OS.

As for the other issues, I also have problems with random issues typing, and screen randomly flickering.

I noticed it the most when I am full screen in a video or in a game.

I may have found the answer.

They recently switched to the graphics platform: Wayland.

We probably need to go back to x11 (this was before wayland) until they fix these issues.

OMG! yes you were right, the red cross was a monitor thing :rofl:

Did a new update today and I found this Make Wayland Work with Nvidia Graphics cards

I made the changes to /etc/environment


Im not sure it helped but something made it a bit better with the flickering, not completely gone but better.

But it wasn’t good enough for me so I switched to X11 on the login as suggested. Now the flicker is gone and its a lot more responsive, thanks!

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