Graphic Bug after Change from Gnome X11 to KDE Wayland

This is what my terminal currently looks like. Everything was fine under Gnome X11. But I would prefer to use KDE with Wayland. I suspect it’s either KDE or more likely Wayland.

Sometimes I have a white image in Chrome too

I have an Nvidia 4060 Ti

Thank you for helping me

is probably a NVIDIA driver issue or wayland

to fix it you could

Update System:
It’s always a good practice to ensure your system is up-to-date before updating drivers.

Run the following commands to update your package repositories and upgrade installed packages:

sudo pacman -Syu

Compatibility with KDE and Wayland

KDE with Wayland is still evolving, and compatibility with NVIDIA drivers can sometimes be problematic due to differences in how Wayland handles graphics compared to X11. Here are a few things you can try:

Switch to X11 Session

If you suspect issues with KDE on Wayland, you can switch to an X11 session to see if the issues persist:

  • Log out of your current session.
  • Before logging back in, click on the settings (gear) icon next to the “Sign In” button.
  • Choose “Plasma (Wayland)” or “Plasma (X11)” from the list and then log in.
  • If you choose Plasma (X11)", you’ll be running KDE on the X11 display server instead of Wayland.
Does it?
endeavouros akm 24.1-1
endeavouros arc-gtk-theme-eos 20221218-2
endeavouros bashdb 5.0_1.1.2-1
endeavouros calamares
endeavouros ckbcomp 1.227-1
endeavouros downgrade 11.3.0-1 [installed]
endeavouros endeavouros-keyring 20231222-1 [installed]
endeavouros endeavouros-mirrorlist 24.6.1-1
endeavouros endeavouros-theming
endeavouros endeavouros-xfce4-terminal-colors 5-1
endeavouros eos-apps-info 24.2-1
endeavouros eos-bash-shared 24.16.12-1
endeavouros eos-downgrade 0.4-2
endeavouros eos-dracut 1.4-1
endeavouros eos-hooks 1.16-1
endeavouros eos-lightdm-gtk-theme 2.2-1
endeavouros eos-lightdm-slick-theme 3.2-1
endeavouros eos-log-tool 24-1
endeavouros eos-lxdm-gtk3 0.5.3-5
endeavouros eos-packagelist 2.3-1 [installed]
endeavouros eos-plasma-sddm-config
endeavouros eos-qogir-icons 5-1
endeavouros eos-quickstart 1.4.1-1
endeavouros eos-rankmirrors 24.6-1
endeavouros eos-sddm-theme 2.5-1
endeavouros eos-settings-budgie 1.6-2
endeavouros eos-settings-cinnamon 2.0-1
endeavouros eos-settings-gnome 2.2-1
endeavouros eos-settings-i3wm 2.5-1
endeavouros eos-settings-lxde 1.1-1
endeavouros eos-settings-lxqt 1.1-1
endeavouros eos-settings-mate 1.1-2
endeavouros eos-settings-plasma 1.7-1
endeavouros eos-settings-xfce4 1.6-1
endeavouros eos-translations 24.6-1
endeavouros eos-update-notifier 24.4.3-1
endeavouros kernel-install-for-dracut 1.10.1-1
endeavouros keyserver-rank 1.2.4-2
endeavouros mkinitcpio-openswap 0.1.0-3
endeavouros nvidia-hook 1.5-2
endeavouros nvidia-inst 24-1
endeavouros pahis 0.3.4-1
endeavouros paru 2.0.3-1
endeavouros qemu-arm-aarch64-static-bin 7.1.0r3-1
endeavouros rate-mirrors 0.17.1-1 [installed]
endeavouros reflector-bash-completion 1.2-1
endeavouros reflector-simple 2023-4
endeavouros welcome 24.6-1
endeavouros yad 13.0-2.2
endeavouros yay 12.3.5-1 [installed]
endeavouros zfs-dkms 2.2.4-2
endeavouros zfs-utils 2.2.4-1

sorry my bad

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