Grant user access to external drive mounted by another user


I’ve recently done a fresh install of Endeavour with Xfce and added a second user with this command:

sudo useradd -s /bin/fish -m -r username

I have a LUKS encrypted external drive mounted by the main user and would like to grant the second user access to its contents so that they can be accessed through ssh/sftp with read-only permissions.
I have tried simply granting read permissions to others as well as adding the user to the owner group and granting the group read permissions, but neither worked.

I’m missing something. How would I grant this user access to the external drive?

My intention is to use this machine as a local network media server to stream video from. I was using Kodi+UPNP for a while, but decided to look for something else given it’s lack of security.
The reason I created another user was to limit it’s access because I would use it from a Windows machine I don’t fully trust.

What is the filesystem on that drive? If it is a non-POSIX filesystem like fat/exfat/ntfs/etc you need to set the permissions in the mount options.

How are you mounting it?

Also, welcome to the forum!

Thank you!
The external drive is LUKS+ext4.
I’m mounting it through Thunar.

If you give read rights to “other” than it should work for everyone.

Yes, I played around with permissions until it worked. I believe it was some kind of issue with one of the permissions on a parent directory.
Thank you for replying!

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