Gpk-update-viewer lists every package twice


Love Endeavour OS. Thanks for all the hard work that goes into this distribution.

I use XFCE as my DE and for a few weeks already I’ve the issue that the package updater (gpk-update-viewer) lists every package twice and then complains that one of the packages could not be found (see picture).

When the program starts it immediately shows one list of the packages. After about half a second or so it then starts to display a second copy of that same list.
My feeling is that it checks twice for packages to update and that one of them goes against an old mirror or so.

Can anyone give me any pointers on where to look for what’s going wrong here?

Btw. when I update the system on the command line via ‘yay -Syyu’ everything works fine. No complains.


Run it in a terminal and see what output it provides, and check the upstream bug tracker to see if there are any known issues.