GPG Key issues

This is a broad sort of question, as I have had issues with key retrieval and verification on the install of several programs through the AUR system, both with makepkg and yay/yaourt. I’ve been able to work my way through the issues by manually importing the keys, but it’s just wildly frustrating at times. The key servers that I use (Ubuntu, MIT, etc) will work one time and not the next. Globally updating the system keys also seems to provide a lot of errors.

Is this a usual experience? I am sort of a DIY noob. Generally I can work my way through things by parsing the internet, but is there a global fix that I’m missing here?

There is no general issue with key handling currently, so it could be something on your side of the net.
And if I understand right your issues only happen on installing AUR builds?
To investigate it would need to know what exactly builds causing key issue… as in general if PKGBUILD is set up right and the user providing the build has a valid key uploaded to the right keyserver yay should be able to add the key automatically it will ask to do so in the process.
And if you add keys manually for AUR installs you need to add the key to users keyring not the pacman keyring !

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After some sleuthing and trying to install things at my office instead of home, I suspect that it may be an ISP issue. And I don’t really know how to deal with that issue.

I can’t import any keys with base install and I found this solution to work.

You may want to give it a try

I was able to solve by adding the Ubuntu server and adding :80 to the conf file.

This was my workaround

1 Create a .conf file in /home/user/.gnupg with name dirmngr.conf
2 Add keyserver hkp://
3 Add standard-resolver
4 save and close

Note: :80 is for DNS related. If it doesn’t work with 80 then remove and try again by running killall dirmngr in terminal.