Gpg error on fresh install

Hello all,

Yesterday, I installed endeavour os gnome on my computer. I tried to install a few aur packages (like mullvad-vpn, cider), but every single time I try, I get a gpg: keyserver receive failed: Server indicated a failure error. Yes, I did try to recv-keys on the specific keys it mention wasn’t working, but to no avail. This happens with Yay and Aura (aur helpers).

Screenshot from 2023-03-19 22-45-19

Thank you so much

Looks like the key failure is from the pnpm pkg, and the AUR package site has a pinned comment on where to import the key from

AUR pnpm

For mullvad-vpn it looks like you can find the signing key instructions at the following link



Thank you so much, this instantly worked!

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