Got some warnings when using pacman

So today I updated my system using pacman -Syu and got these warnings,

==> WARNING: Possibly missing firmware for module: aic94xx
==> WARNING: Possibly missing firmware for module: wd719x
==> WARNING: Possibly missing firmware for module: xhci_pci

Any way to fix these and should I be worried?

No worries (if you don’t use hardware that require those modules). Please see:


Yeah, I usually just install those 3 firmwares even if I don’t have the hardware on my system. I just hate warnings :slight_smile: I had this issue on Manjaro also, so it really affects any Arch-based system.


Thanks, this helped. And woah, arch wiki does have a solution to almost every problem. Gotta read more pages of the wiki.

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We just had this topic not even two weeks ago that was marked solved. Please search for your issue prior to creating new topics - especially if it’s already been solved. The more we repeat - and as we continually repeat - solving solved threads, this will later cause more and more confusion as Endeavour inevitably gets more fan fare.

The reality is that this is often easier said than done. In this case, if you search on one of those warnings, you get many, many hits most of which aren’t relevant since it is common to include mkinitcpio results in troubleshooting posts.

For you, it is easy to separate the relevant from the not-relevant posts because you have the experience knowledge to do so and you remember seeing that post so you know what to look for. For someone new to linux it isn’t be so easy.

I tried that search and the top 3 hits weren’t relevant but they contained lots of information that would be difficult for a new Linux user to parse. In a case like this, I would rather see someone ask a question that has been answered in the past than try running commands from those unrelated topics in an attempt to resolve the issue.


You’re right. I should have worded that significantly better. The burden of search isn’t necessarily on new users entirely. It’s not really so much on new folks as it is on those of us like you and me to help with it. Being new and having a problem (or perceived problem) entering that specific search set is tough- This specific search is a rather massive search criteria since as you noted, basically every mkincipio log will show up. I do feel there’s a lot of rather specific questions that come up that aren’t so vast though. But with things like this, it’s more on us veterans to help keep the rolodex of information in some sort of order as well.

If this posts comes up 25x in a few years and each one is marked as solved, many people will continue to search all of those 25 regardless. If all of the solved topics are solved with a link to the initial solved thread. It’s the “upside” - with serious air quotes - to Arch just saying RTFM and closing a thread. We all should be doing that, albeit in a substantially better way. RTFM should not be the answer here on EOS. A link and suggesting to search (so many new users do not use it at all) for solved. I don’t necessarily need to explain this all to you. You’re experience even daunts that of mine in all seriuosness. I’m merely a beginner in comparison. The more we allow the spiderweb to build, the more useless the search becomes later. In your last line you said “unrelated topics.” I want to help avoid those.

I definitely should have worded that better though. Apologies for coming across stern @Infamous_711

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Don’t apologize, I should be the one apologizing. I really should have searched more about this issue instead of creating a new topic. Btw I am learning how to do things in arch via reading the arch wiki (best wiki I have seen in my whole life).

I learnt a lesson. At first I should try to find my problem’s solution in the wiki or do a proper duckduckgo search, and then if I don’t find the solution then I will ask here in the forum.
And again thank you all for helping me here, really appreciate it. This is also one of the best forums I have been to.

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