Google search engine infected?

yeah i know… i dont mind google generally… thats personal.

but the point is, if you do a search like , arch xfce issue , i get a bunch XX rated links in between but the description is kinda misleading :slight_smile:

who experience this also ?

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sacred naughty ringo

Not on mobile phone.

weird , this are the sites as example i get a lot :slight_smile:

and cookes was removed lately btw

you often look at sites x or kitchen

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ok that was the feedback will look intoo it, got only at google

google takes into account the websites consulted

got long google, but this year i saw it for first…

i would type as : arch xfce issues , as example … clearing currently all history …
duckduck dont do, so it wil fit for now

I have the Arch Wiki web site coming up with the first results for the Google search you mention.

yeah currently i have removed my activity’s and shut some off but im working intoo duckduckgo, mayby she gona be a stayer :slight_smile: