Google search engine infected?

yeah i know… i dont mind google generally… thats personal.

but the point is, if you do a search like , arch xfce issue , i get a bunch XX rated links in between but the description is kinda misleading :slight_smile:

who experience this also ?

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sacred naughty ringo

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Not on mobile phone.

weird , this are the sites as example i get a lot :slight_smile:

and cookes was removed lately btw

you often look at sites x or kitchen

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ok that was the feedback will look intoo it, got only at google

google takes into account the websites consulted

got long google, but this year i saw it for first…

i would type as : arch xfce issues , as example … clearing currently all history …
duckduck dont do, so it wil fit for now

I have the Arch Wiki web site coming up with the first results for the Google search you mention.

yeah currently i have removed my activity’s and shut some off but im working intoo duckduckgo, mayby she gona be a stayer :slight_smile:

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r/duckduckgo is always full of people that have their safe search set to off and then come there and wonder why the worthless search engine keeps getting them porn related results…

I mean it is always very very easy to explain it to them, although some refuse to understand the explanation :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t have it either. Although I use the following extensions on chromium:
1.ublock origin
3.privacy badger
4.https everywhere

I have no idea why this happens, when you’re searching for Xfce. But you might have a typo when searching for Arch. If you added a S before the C the results would be logical. :wink: :wink:

Sorry. I really could not resist posting that one. Even if it might not be the best joke. :sunglasses:

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Actually I haven’t seen this at all, but my access to Google might be different. I use DuckDuckGo, and if it doesn’t show me what I want to see, I hit Home, and add !google in front of my search term. As far as I know, this means, effectively, that google ‘sees’ DuckDuckGo instead of yourself as the inquirer - which should minimise the oddities…?

I quite sure they understand. They turned off safe search with full intension. As far as I know most browsers have safe search active as default. But they would never admit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They keep arguing that Google don’t put porn that high on the list, and that of course is because Google sorts results according to your history while duckduckgo only goes by “most popular sites”.

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