Google Drive Videos Are Not Playing

I am experiencing a weird problem with Google Drive videos . When I click on a video to play in drive it doesn’t . It just loads forever and everyone else I know can play that video . First I thought it’s because of firefox , so I installed chromium and the same happened . I can’t even play my own videos :man_shrugging: . I don’t know if i am missing any package or something . I even tried enabling DRM but no luck . This is a new install and from the beginning this behavior is visible .

Edit : The reason was Clear URLs plugin .

I wonder again if this is related to the Intel driver xf86-video-intel. You are running on Intel instead of modesetting. You could try removing it but have a live ISO available in case you have to chroot back into the system if you run into an issue after uninstalling and reboot.

If it is only Google Drive that is at issue then there are a couple of things you could do:

Load Opera, and use it’s VPN feature to connect. If that works it tells you there is a firewall issue.

Use the browser inspector (usually F12) to check for error messages regarding the playback, which may give you a hint as to what is being blocked and where.

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I tried removing xf86-video-intel . But it only gave me graphical glitches . I can watch those videos on my mobile device connected to the same network . Also others can watch the videos too . They are all on Windows . I will try to find out if any of my linux using friends have this issue

I can play the video in my phone using firefox for android .

Edit : I found the reason . It’s Clear URLs plugin in firefox . I installed the same plugin in chromium before I tried playing the video . I even suspected uBlock Origin but not this . Don’t know how this plugin prevented firefox from playing videos from google drive :man_shrugging: